Make every
pixel count.

My mission is to improve the event industry one show at a time.

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Events are relying heavily on video elements to reach audiences in the main room, overflow spaces, and across the globe. I want to help you take your event to the next level. Big companies can provide state-of-the-art video equipment, but they can't provide the personal care and attention your event deserves.

Playback Operator

I provide reliable playback support for events, including confidence monitors for those on stage. I rely on ProPresenter to integrate slides and videos in a way that allows me to easily follow the person on stage, whether they stay on script or not. ProPresenter easily connects to video switchers and is capable of generating broadcast quality key/fill signal.

Screen Mapping

If your event is using one projector, or multiple screens and LED walls of various aspect ratios, it doesn't matter. I use ProVideoPlayer to control multiple screens. It also integrates seamlessly with ProPresenter, so it's easier than ever to create amazing stages and presentations.

Shoot for the moon!

Do you need social media moderation, on-screen lyrics, live streaming, event management, video system design, a video director, camera operator, or anything else for your event? Let me know! Every event is unique and you need someone willing to be flexible and able to go beyond what is promised.